A Life Skills Book About Leaving Home And Living on Your Own for the Very First Time

Why Read This Life Skills Book About Dealing With the Practical Matters of Life?

Because whether starting out in life means going away to college, moving in with roommates or even “renting” from your parents, the more life-sustaining skills you have, the easier your life is. The better you can maneuver in your world, the better you can perform and enjoy life to its fullest. We can all pretty much get by. We can all muddle through. Yet, what a wonderful and liberating experience it is to know that we really do know what we’re doing ... at least in some areas of our lives! Becoming an independent adult should be a wonderful rite of passage. Moving away from home and living on your own for the first time is something to look forward to and feel good about – at least it can be if you've planned and prepared. Life Skills 101: A Practical Guide to Leaving Home and Living on Your Own can help you do just that.

The Midwest Book Review said:

leftquoteBefore leaving the parental home to strike out on your own, the most effectively beneficial preparation you can make is to give Tina Pestalozzi's Life Skills 101:... a careful reading from first page to last.rightquote

Basic Life Skills

Many high school students and college freshmen have a general understanding of basic life skills and some have finely honed skills in particular areas. Life Skills 101: ... offers matter-of-fact advice on the entire spectrum of practical skills necessary to become a responsible adult. We all know adults who wish for a “do over,” especially in the area of finances. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get it right the first time and to be in a position of strength while you’re still young? Wouldn’t it be great to have the social skills to be looked upon favorably by a potential employer even if you don’t necessarily have the work experience ... and to know you have a basic understanding of the elements involved with life “in the real world”? Whether life after graduation means you're college bound or off to the workplace, some of the skills for life you'll learn about are:

  • Being a Savvy Consumer
  • Cover Letters
  • Dining Skills
  • Financial Know-How
  • Home Hunting
  • Home Keeping Hints
  • How to Stay Connected
  • Interview Skills
  • Job Search Success
  • Lease Negotiations
  • Life Planning
  • Managing Your Meals
  • Money Management
  • Organizational Techniques
  • Resume Construction
  • Roommates
  • Social Skills
  • Tipping
  • Workplace Etiquette
  • Your Car
  • Your Home
  • Your Laundry
  • Your Time
  • Your Well-Being
School Library Journal said:

leftquoteEach chapter covers a major area in life skills without becoming a lecture or sounding like the proverbial parental talk.rightquote

Living On Your Own

When are you ready to live on your own? For some, circumstances dictate that once you hit eighteen, you are out the door whether you’re ready or not. For others, living on your own may mean still living “at home” but as a responsible adult. Whatever your particular age or circumstance, being as prepared as possible, and having the knowledge and skills required to live successfully, frees your energy and allows you to grow and fully enjoy the experience.

There is a tremendous freedom in being a responsible person. Knowing how to easily maneuver through your new world and make it manageable allows you to approach life and receive it at your best. That is what Life Skills 101: … is really about: acquiring basic life skills needed to be the best you can be—to not only survive, but to thrive. That’s why KLIATT’S Book Review said it’s:

leftquote...a one-stop shop for practical and effective ways to make the most of this young adult rite of passage.rightquote

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